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44 T he Judeo-G reek term occurs in a great many non-Jewish languages with a num ber of meanings, only som e of which are attested in Slavic. Slavic use of JG k paraskeve‫׳‬. g. g. R Paraskeve I'njanica,i0 Praskov'ja,M Paraia (baptismal name), Paraiin fam ,12 U k Paraskev(i)a, Paraska, Paranja (dim ),15 SeCr Paraskev(ij)a, Paracevija (1766), ‫ ״‬Josephus 93:X V I, 6,2. New Testam ent passages and docum entation are given in T hum b 1901:166 and Schurer 1905:7. 1360, s e e j. Perlcs 1893:574. Parasktii ‘Friday’ appears on C h ristian tombstones from Vienna (441 AD) and C atania (Schurer 1905:8).

41 Sandfeld 1930:35-36. g. Gk he lynne (hebdomas) (literally 'the week of cheese’), Bg, Se sima nedelja, Rum siptdmana branzei. g. R symaja (nedelja) The concept is also found in Byzantine Christian terminology to refer to the last Saturday in Lent (ibid. 180; see also Zunz 1919:9-10). 20 JE W IS H LIN G U ISTIC STRATA IN T H E SLAVIC LANDS the Judeo-G reek m eaning are found in the writings of the Je w ish historian Flavius Josephus (36-after 105 AD) and in the New T estam en t ( ! g. 44 T he Judeo-G reek term occurs in a great many non-Jewish languages with a num ber of meanings, only som e of which are attested in Slavic.

T he term is not found in Judezm o, which is largely based on Iberian Rom ance dialects not in contact with Judeo-G reek. But it is extremely difficult to prove this assumption. After all, the near total lack of a com­ m on Hellenic corpus in European Jewish languages could simply be due to the fragmentary survival of Grecisms or to incomplete study o f the sur­ viving texts. A key to identifying the channel of transmission of a Grecism to Yiddish is the geography of the Grecism within Yiddish.

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