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By Jonathan Deutsch Ph.D., Rachel D. Saks

This publication is written good and the recipes paintings fatastically! I had loads of questions on Jewish vacation meals, Kosher legislation and traditions. This booklet replied my questions completely and supplied extra. As a nutrients author, this booklet would definitely be my go-to consultant for Jewish food!

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A good egg cream can still be found in New York City, and while other flavors like vanilla and strawberry are available, purists insist on chocolate. 34 3 Cooking The act of cooking in a Jewish home may be a communal one and sometimes even a sacred one. Although weekday cooking is important to any Jewish home, what matters most for the Jewish American cook (and the Jewish American eater) is holiday and Shabbat (Sabbath) cooking, where the time and preparation required is an important part of the ritual of readying for the holy days.

For example, a popular Eastern European dish is blood sausage, nonkosher for its use of blood, most often from the pig. An alternative not popular outside the Jewish community is kishka, a beef intestine stuffed with a filling of matzah meal and fat (schmaltz). Similarly, and perhaps more palatably to some, Polish stuffed cabbage, usually stuffed with chopped pork and rice, has its Jewish equivalent stuffed with beef. Lamb Although lamb is not one of the most common meats that Jewish Americans use, it does have a place on holiday and Shabbat tables, especially among Sephardi Jews with cultural connections to the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Again since the oven is lit (turned on) before Shabbat, this is an appropriate heating method for observant Jews. Some new ovens—especially those marketed in Israel or in Jewish communities in the United States and elsewhere—actually now have a Sabbath mode. This oven setting does a number of things. First, it overrides the protective setting on most ovens that makes the oven and stovetop turn off after 12 hours of consecutive use, since it could not be turned back on during Shabbat. Second, it allows for a temperature low enough to sufficiently warm food but cool enough that the food is not being cooked.

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