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By Cecil Roth

The ebook in its first Israeli variation is a set of Jewish artwork from antiquity till modernity, with illustrated essays.

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Jewish Art - An Illustrated history

The publication in its first Israeli variation is a set of Jewish artwork from antiquity until eventually modernity, with illustrated essays.

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Of Beer figurine. Ivory. As-Safacli, earlier penetra- African tion of into southern Transjordan influence alluded to above in refe- Sheba culture. rence to the Kilwa engravitself. The arms emerge from body, the artist long a slender having extended his observation The to the detail of the ribs. figures are flexed, the hands long and slender and held forward to support the loin-cloth. The which are very legs, and delicately long, are apart, the feet are short treated, while the thigh, set very high, projects backward in a way which satisfies the eve, im- parting an equilibrium and sense of which rids the figure character.

Which the is often imitate golden age of ceramics in which the polishing of vases, their finish and execution and, of the period, their paint and reflect true aesthetic feeling. head from a tomb vase with (fig. face with a fine prominent nose by brows which, end plastic decoration, A at Jericho at the human 19) shows a and eyes framed like the ears, are somewhat over- emphasized, the ears serving as jug-handles. The beard and coiffure are represented bv stippling of the head human type plated with are, encrusted in white material.

Hyksos Empire broke up. The Pharaohs of the simple volutes sometimes appear whose centers 18th dynasty reconquered the country, expelled are taken the invader and chased him into Asia; after fierce More were stags battles the fortresses of southern Palestine Me- a giddo, and Jericho were utterly destroyed. The isolated time to acquire this palm goats, wild goats facing or These themes commercial relations the produced The arts. new development the and luxury influence artistic of Egypt, which had never been completely eclipsed during the Hyksos interregnum, jewellers now reasserted and ivory-workers emulated the models of the Nile can be traced at in valley.

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