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By E. Shashi Menon

This booklet covers liquid pipeline hydraulics because it applies to transportation of drinks via pipelines in one section regular country atmosphere. it is going to function a realistic guide for engineers, technicians and others fascinated about layout and operation of pipelines transporting drinks. at present, present books at the topic are mathematically rigorous, theoretical and shortage sensible purposes. utilizing this ebook, engineers can larger comprehend and follow the foundations of hydraulics to their day-by-day paintings within the pipeline with out resorting to advanced formulation and theorems. various examples from the author's genuine existence adventure are integrated to demonstrate software of pipeline hydraulics.

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3 Pressure Drop due to Friction In this chapter, we introduce the concept of pressure in a liquid and how it is measured. The liquid flow velocity in a pipe, types of flow, and the importance of the Reynolds number will be discussed. For different flow regimes, such as laminar, critical, or turbulent, methods will be discussed as to how to calculate the pressure drop due to friction. Several popular formulas such as the Colebrook-White and Hazen-Williams equations will be presented and compared.

28) are: Adiabatic bulk modulus=231,426 psi Isothermal bulk modulus=181,616 psi The bulk modulus of water at 70°F is 320,000 psi. 7 Fundamental Concepts of Fluid Flow In this section we discuss fundamental concepts of fluid flow that will set the stage for the succeeding chapter. The basic principles of continuity and energy equations are introduced first. 1 Continuity One of the fundamental concepts that must be satisfied in any type of pipe flow is the principle of continuity of flow. This principle states that the Copyright © 2004 by Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Copyright © 2004 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. 2 Barometer for measuring pressure. 2 the atmospheric pressure Pa exerted at the surface of the liquid is equal to the sum of the vapor pressure Pv and the pressure generated by the column of the barometric liquid of height Hb. 5), if pressures are in psi and liquid specific weight is in lb/ ft3, the pressures must be multiplied by 144 to obtain the barometric reading in feet of liquid. 5) is valid for barometers with any liquid. 6) Let us compare the use of water and mercury as barometric liquids to measure the atmospheric pressure.

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