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By Martin Luther, edited by Timothy F. Lull

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E. in my mother's womb 1 have grown from sinful seed, as the Hebrew text signifies. Next, 1 reject and condemn also as sheer deceptions and errors of the devil all monastic orders, rules, cloisters, religiOUS foundations, and all such things devised and instituted by men beyond and apart from Scripture, bound by vows and obligations,28o although many great saints have lived in them, and as the elect of God are misled by them even at this time, yet finally by faith in Jesus Christ have been redeemed and have escaped.

For such practice gives rise to factious spirits who allow themselves to nurture the delusion that the SCriptures are subject to them and can be easily grasped with their reason, as if they were MarkolF or Aesop's Fables, for which no Holy Spirit and no prayers are needed. Secondly, you. should meditate, that is, not only in your heart, but also externally, by actually10 repeating and comparing oral speech and literal words of the book, reading and rereading them with diligent attention and reflection, so that you may see what the Holy Spirit means by them.

For in such a way God is constantly deprived of the glory which is due him and which is transferred to other things, since one should strive with all diligence to give him the glorythe sooner the be~ter. "7 For if that person offends him who withdraws glory from him, how much more does that person offend him who continues to withdraw glory from him and does this boldly! But whoever is not in Christ or who withdraws from him withdraws glory from him, as is well known. 10 Indeed, it is very difficult to see how a work can be dead and at the same time not a harmful and mortal sin.

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