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By Albert Sasson

Explores the problems of complex biotechnology of the artwork research of the growth of chosen constructing nations in fostering their very own bio-industries. This ebook examines a few arguable parts of clinical biotechnology, together with concerns equivalent to stem cellphone learn and gene treatment.

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By the end of January 2004, officials had confirmed outbreaks in Hunan and Hubei provinces in central China, in addition to the cases reported across eastern China: Anhui and Guangdong provinces were potential hotspots, as well as Kangqiao, a suburb of Shanghai. The lesson to be drawn from both the SARS and avian flu epidemics is that, when it comes to fighting highly contagious diseases, nothing is more important than decisive government intervention and transparency (Elegant, 2004). However, rigorous government intervention is not enough to contain bird flu.

That is because no two patients are alike. Subtle differences in people’s genetic make-up often determine how well a cancer drug will be tolerated and how quickly it will be broken down in the body. Some individuals produce enzymes that can neutralize the more toxic side-effects of anticancer drugs, whereas others either lack such enzymes or have genes that make them more sensitive to the drugs’ adverse effects. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), for instance, found that changes in the gene coding for an enzyme in DNA repair can mean the difference between breast-cancer patients who can tolerate chemotherapy and those with a two-fold greater chance of experiencing a toxic reaction (Time, 21 June 2004, p.

The humanized monoclonal antibody prevents immune cells from leaving the bloodstream and migrating into chronically inflamed tissue by targeting the selective adhesion molecule (SAM). The growing and hotly contested MS drug market is estimated by some analysts to be worth up to US$4 billion. Currently, it is dominated by the German drug-maker Schering (Betaseron), Switzerland-based Serono SA (Rebif), Israeli Teva (Copaxone) and Biogen (Avonex). Shares in Schering, Serono and Teva fell upon the news.

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