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He’d stayed. Of course he had stepped up his commentary about Dominic, telling her how his brother had defended his desire to take photos. But then she’d asked to see them. And when he’d shown them to her, she’d been enchanted, eager to see more, eager to learn about what he looked for in shooting photographs. And that was when he’d discovered she was an artist. She’d been shy about admitting it. But when he’d shown her plenty of bad photos he’d taken, she’d relented and allowed him to see her paintings and sketches.

Nathan raked his hand through his hair. “I didn’t know what you’d do. ” She said the words scornfully. “What was I supposed to do? You didn’t exactly leave a forwarding address. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to press the issue. ” She could believe that. She’d felt guilty for years. Still did. “So, fine. You didn’t know where I was. ” She lifted her chin. “Besides, I didn’t go anywhere. ” Nathan said the words dismissively. ” she retorted, stung. “Right. ” She looked away. “And I’m sure all your old friends from Smith and St.

Did you? ” The question caught her off guard. And the panic she’d felt when she’d discovered she was pregnant appeared unbidden in her mind. She banished it now as she had determinedly banished it all those years ago. “I always wanted children,” she said defensively. ” She wanted to say, Well, you’re not going to. She wanted to banish him from the island, from her—and Lacey’s—life. But she couldn’t, and she knew it. He was her daughter’s father, and ever since Dominic and Sierra had turned up, Lacey’s curiosity about him had been piqued.

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