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content material: Supramolecular structure : tailoring constitution and serve as of prolonged assemblies / Thomas Bein --
Designing ordered molecular arrays in and 3 dimensions / John P. Folkers, Jonathan A. Zerkowski, Paul E. Laibinis, Christopher T. Seto, and George M. Whitesides --
Synthesis and deposition of electron donors, acceptors, and insulators as elements of zirconium diphosphonate multilayer motion pictures / H.E. Katz, M.L. Schilling, S. Ungashe, T.M. Putvinski, and C.E. Chidsey --
Synthesis and homes of novel low-dimensional ruthenium fabrics : self-assembled multilayers and combined inorganic-organic polymers / DeQuan Li, Sara C. Huckett, Tracey Frankcom, M.T. Paffett, J.D. Farr, M.E. Hawley, S. Gottesfeld, J.D. Thompson, Carol J. Burns, and Basil I. Swanson --
Langmuir-Blodgett movies of transition-metal complexes / R.E. Des Enfants, II, Teddy A. Martinez, and M. Keith De Armond --
Biomimetic thin-film synthesis / Peter C. Rieke, Barbara J. Tarasevich, Susan B. Bentjen, Glen E. Fryxell, and Allison A. Campbell --
Nanoscale surface-modification recommendations utilizing the scanning tunneling microscope / Bruce Parkinson --
layout and chemical reactivity of low-dimensional solids : a few smooth chemistry routes to new solids / Jean Rouxel --
Iron oxychloride as a precursor to lamellar iron phosphonates by means of delicate chemistry / P. Palvadeau, Jean Rouxel, M. Queignec, and B. Bujoli --
Pillared layered fabrics / Abraham Clearfield and Mark Kuchenmeister --
Organoclay assemblies and their homes as triphase catalysts / Chi-Li Lin, Ton Lee, and Thomas J. Pinnavaia --
Thermal research of porphyrin-clay complexes / K.A. Carrado, K.B. Anderson, and P.S. Grutkoski --
Synthesis and research of asymmetrically layered zirconium phosphonates / David A. Burwell and Mark E. Thompson --
Polyether and polyimine derivatives of layered zirconium phosphates as supramolecules / Abraham Clearfield and C. Yolanda Ortiz-Avila --
Crystalline inorganic hosts as media for the synthesis of conductive polymers / M.G. Kanatzidis, C.-G. Wu, H.O. Marcy, D.C. DeGroot, J.L. Schindler, C.R. Kannewurf, M. Benz, and E. LeGoff --
Intercalation and polymerization of aniline in layered protonic conductors / Deborah J. Jones, Raja El Mejjad, and Jacques Rozière --
Electrocrystallization of low-dimensional molecular solids / Michael D. Ward --
Electrodeposition of nanoscale artificially layered ceramics / Jay A. Switzer, Richard J. Phillips, and Ryne P. Raffaelle --
Crystal engineering of novel fabrics composed of limitless - and third-dimensional frameworks / Richard Robson, Brendan F. Abrahams, Stuart R. Batten, Robert W. Gable, Bernard F. Hoskins, and Jianping Liu --
Zeolite inclusion chemistry : clusters, quantum dots, and polymers / Thomas Bein --
3-dimensional periodic packaging : sodalite, a version approach / G.D. Stucky, V.I. Srdanov, W.T.A. Harrison, T.E. Gier, N.L. Keder, K.L. Moran, ok. Haug, and H.I. Metiu --
Topotactic kinetics in zeolite nanoreaction chambers / Geoffrey A. Ozin, Saim Özkar, Heloise O. Pastore, Anthony J. Poë, and Eduardo J.S. Vichi --
Self-assembling electron-transport chains in zeolites : molecular bilayer rectifiers and photodiodes / Yeong II Kim, Richard L. Riley, Edward H. Yonemoto, Daiting Rong, and Thomas E. Mallouk --
Synthesis of NaX zeolites with metallophthalocyanines / Kenneth J. Balkus, Jr., C. Douglas Hargis, and Stanislaw Kowalak --
Synthesis through superlattice reactants : low-temperature entry to metastable amorphous intermediates and crystalline items / Thomas Novet, Loreli Fister, Christopher A. provide, and David C. Johnson --
Solid-state metathesis routes to layered transition-metal dichalcogenides and refractory fabrics / John B. Wiley, Philippe R. Bonneau, Randolph E. Treece, Robert F. Jarvis, Jr., Edward G. Gillan, Lin Rao, and Richard B. Kaner --
Encapsulation of natural molecules and enzymes in sol-gel glasses : a evaluation of novel photoactive, optical, sensing, and bioactive fabrics / David Avnir, Sergei Braun, and Michael Ottolenghi --
Sol-gel coaching of optically transparent supported thin-film glasses embodying laser dyes : novel quick procedure / Y. Haruvy, A. Heller, and S.E. Webber.

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4 2 Typically Langmuir-Blodgett Films of transition metal complexes,(/-7) have incorporated long chain alkyl, ester, or acid functions to enhance their film forming capability. The early work on [Ru(bpy)2R-bpy] (bpy is 2,2'-bipyridine and Rbpy is a 4,4 -diester-2,2 -bipyridine) by Whitten (1 ) and Gaines (2,3) illustrated the hydrolysis problems (and consequent film instability) that can occur for long chain ester functions on die chelate ligands. Japanese workers (4-7) solved this problem by replacing the reactive ester function with less reactive chemical functionalities.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1992. ch005 R. E. Des Enfants II, Teddy A. Martinez, and M. Keith De Armond Chemistry Department, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM 88003 Monolayer and multilayer Langmuir-Blodgett films of hydrophobic [Ru(t-mebpy)3][ClO ] (t-mebpy is 4,4',-5,5'-tetramethyl-2,2'bipyridyl, I) dissolved in stearic acid have been formed on various substrate materials. At a dilution ratio of 10:1 (acid to complex) stable films with up to 100 layers can be produced.

These spectra suggest an ion pair mechanism for formation of the film. Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) for the monolayer and multilayer samples were obtained. Comparison of pure stearic acid films with mixed metal complex-stearic acidfilmsimply that the films are homogeneous and that the metal complexes are dispersed in the stearic acid solution. 4 2 Typically Langmuir-Blodgett Films of transition metal complexes,(/-7) have incorporated long chain alkyl, ester, or acid functions to enhance their film forming capability.

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