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Turbulence is a deadly subject that's usually on the foundation of significant fights within the clinical conferences dedicated to it because it represents super diversified issues of view, all of that have in universal their complexity, in addition to an lack of ability to unravel the matter. it really is even tricky to agree on what precisely is the matter to be solved. tremendous schematically, opposing issues of view were encouraged in the course of those final ten years: the 1st one is "statistical", and attempts to version the evolution of averaged amounts of the circulate. This com­ has the fantastic path of Taylor and Kolmogorov, munity, which believes within the phenomenology of cascades, and strongly disputes the potential of any coherence or order linked to turbulence. at the different financial institution of the river stands the "coherence between chaos" group, which considers turbulence from a in simple terms deterministic po­ int of view, via learning both the behaviour of dynamical structures, or the steadiness of flows in quite a few occasions. To this neighborhood also are linked the experimentalists who search to spot coherent buildings in shear flows.

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How these waves interact with horizontal turbulent large scale motions will be discussed in Chapter IX. Notice finally that f /2 is the frequency of rotation of the Foucault pendulum oscillation plane. n ) implies that uniform westerly zonal flows must remain zonal, otherwise they would violate the potential vorticity conservation. On the other hand, easterly flows may deviate either to the North or to the South while conserving their potential vorticity. Therefore, westerly zonal flows tend to be more stable than the easterly ones.

I + --Dt p aXj (II - 3 - 5) H or equivalently DUi .... = (g - 20 Dt .... L[(p aXi p aXj aXj aUj +)ax, 2 ........ 3 (II - 3 - 6) which is the momentum equation for a compressible fluid. L, so that (II-3-6) yields in this case - X Dil .... 1 .... 1 ........ il)] , with Dil ail Dt = at .... 0 .... + u. LI p is called the kinematic viscosity. It is this viscosity that has already been introduced in Chapter I to define the Reynolds number. s. of eq. (II-3-7) characterizes the diffusion of momentum due to molecular exchanges between the fluid particle and the fluid surrounding it.

For L larger than rE, surface-inertial waves of frequency f dominate. Let us take for instance the Earth's atmosphere, and consider it as a homogeneous shallow layer with a free surface: taking H ~ 10 km and f = 10-4 rd 8- 1 (which corresponds to medium latitudes), the external Rossby radius of deformation is of the order of 3000 km , and the velocity of external gravity waves is ~ 300 mj 8 . This is of the order of the sound velocity in the air, and much higher than the typical values ~ 30 mj 8 for the synoptic perturbations.

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