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A Precious Jewel (Stapleton-Downes, Book 2)

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BONUS: This version includes an excerpt from Mary Balogh's the key Mistress.

big apple instances bestselling writer Mary Balogh weaves a sensuous spell of romance that brings jointly the unlikeliest pair of fans within the unlikeliest position of all– an notorious London condo of enjoyment.

She was once not like any lady he’d ever met in the ton or the demimonde. yet Sir Gerald Stapleton frequented Mrs. Blyth’s euphemistically dubbed “finishing school” for natural, basic pleasure–and not anything else. So why used to be this proven bachelor so completely captivated via one lady specifically? Why did he locate himself thinking about how this kind of infrequent jewel of grace, attractiveness, and refinement as Priss had ended up a courtesan? And whilst she wanted defense, why did Gerald, who’d sworn he’d by no means get involved in affairs of the guts, hasten to set her up as his personal pampered mistress to make sure her safety–and have her all to himself?

For Priscilla Wentworth, the trail resulting in Sir Gerald’s mattress were as packed with misfortune because it without notice appeared charmed. yet Priss couldn’t enable herself to think she’d ever be extra to a guy like Sir Gerald than a well-cared-for item of delight. Now, regardless of Gerald’s deep mistrust of marriage, neither scandal nor society’s censure can retain them apart–only the phobia of trusting their hearts.

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She folded her arms across her breasts and stared down at the floor. "I'm sorry," she whispered. " "At least we agree about that," he muttered. He lit another cigarette. She hadn't seen him smoke that much in the time they'd known each other. She had a feeling it was something he did when he was angry or upset. He seemed to be both right now. "I, uh, I think I'll go to bed," she said, feeling acutely embarrassed by her own behavior. She turned to go inside, but he didn't try to stop her, or say a word.

You only want me so long as you can walk away when it's over," she said deliberately, tingling with apprehension and excitement. "Nikki," he said, and she watched the control snap, watched the dammed-up fury break loose and darken his eyes, tauten his broad face, knit his heavy brows together. " he asked curtly. A com-mitment? I'msorry, I'm not looking for emotional involvement of any kind. I've had all I can take of it and survive. " He sighed roughly. "Nikki, I like being with you. I'd like to have an affair with you, even if only for a few days.

Florida, you know," she added. "I just adore the islands, they're so . . different. Now, my son would love this. I only wish I could have brought him with me, but he was so busy. . " she added with a tiny pause of breath. " in a loud voice, as if she expected foreigners could only understand En-glish if it was yelled at them. As the elevator doors opened on the first floor, she moved out of it quickly, nodding and smiling, and looking relieved as she moved off down the hall. Nikki, who'd been watching the byplay with nig-gling amusement, darted a glance at Cal.

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